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Algae cards is a series of collectable cards created by Dekkers & Co. that tell the story of finding, identifying and printing cyanotypes* of algae. Not many people particularly have a love for biology, but a lot of people love nature. Dekkers & Co. brings them together whilst speaking to the collector in each of us. Algae cards is an ongoing project with the aim of publishing unique species as the project evolves. Start your collection of natural curiosities here.

*The cyanotype is a photographic printing process discovered by sir John Herschel in 1842. More commonly known as 'blueprint'.

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Scientific name:








Each species will be identifiable by its scientific name.

There are three classes of algae to be distinguished; Chlorophyta, Rhodophyta and Phaeophyceae.

Is the type of representation, either; Cyanotype, Herbarium specimen or Microscopic image.

Specifies the date on which the specimen was found.

Specifies the location where the specimen was found.

Specifies the edition of the particular card. Each card will be published in an edition of 9.

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1. Ulva sp.

2. Undaria pinnatifida 

3. Chaetomorpha linum

4. Ceramium sp.

5. Gaillona hookeri

Herbarium specimen

6. Ulva sp.

7. Undaria pinnatifida 

8. Chaetomorpha linum

9. Ceramium sp.

10. Gaillona hookeri

Microscopic image

11. Ulva sp.

12. Undaria pinnatifida 

13. Chaetomorpha linum

14. Ceramium sp.

15. Gaillona hookeri

Algae cards

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