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My name is Pai Dekkers (1989), I'm based in Rotterdam and since 2019 I've been working on a project about algae and cyanotypes. I was raised by a biologist, which shaped my view on the world regarding scientific thinking and the consideration of all living things. Later, I studied photography and graduated from Leiden University with an MA in Film and Photographic Studies. While working for the photography collection at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Anna Atkins inspired me to explore further algae from a visual perspective. Dekkers & Co. was created to bring together the collaborations with biologists, farmers and designers.

image-205 (1).jpeg

installation view at Gallery Untitled


The project started with the idea "I want to collect and photograph all the different species of Dutch algae." This is still the main motivation to work on the project, but lately the aim of the project has shifted more towards discovering new forms and aspects of algae and cyanotypes. Now I ask myself "what do you encounter and discover on such a journey?" That question intrigues me.


installation view at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam

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